1. Brief Market Analysis of the concerned industry/ sector

  2. Entry strategy options for company structure (branch/ liason/ wholly owned subsidiary)

  3. Market strategy options (retail/distribution/franchisee) along with detailed strategy for entering the market. This includes product/promotion/place and pricing strategy.
We draw up a complete vision plan for 3 years encompassing the envisioned growth based on the market strategy
  • Information on government regulations
  • Complete legal assistance through associate offices
  • Partner search - We select a suitable Indian partner/franchisee/distributor through a detailed and meticulous process.

  • Location search - India is a very large country with various regional differences in market criteria. In fact, even within a city, locating the right retail/selling point becomes very vital in view of different market dynamics.

  • Assistance in negotiations for agreements - We provide complete assistance and consultancy in the tricky process of negotiation so that your interests are looked after.

  • Option of setting up office - With our experience and expertise, we can set up complete office on your behalf which includes renting of appropriate premises, interiors and staff selection.

  • Promotions - Carrying out the complete promotions as per strategy.

  • Visits - Arranging India visit for client to meet with recommended companies.

  • Agreements - Assistance in closing the partnership agreement.

  • FINALLY AND MOST IMPORTANT-REPRESENTATION - This is what we consider our USP (unique selling proposition) since we represent you completely in India. Our experience has shown us that once a foreign company selects a franchisee/ distributor, there are many possibilities of the business failing its objective because there is nobody from the foreign company to overlook operations/change strategy according to the dynamic market/to look for new franchisees, etc. HENCE, WE OFFER THIS UNIQUE PROPOSITION WHICH IN EFFECT SERVES AS YOUR PRESENCE IN INDIA WITHOUT THE COST IMPLICATIONS OF YOUR ACTUAL PRESENCE

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